As the wind blows
The soft grey cotton cloud rolls in
Swallowing everything that is in the way.
Bright orange morning sun, pastel blue clear sky be gone.
Cool breeze started to brush through my skin.
The sound of tick tak tick tak from a distance
Within minutes, it start marching across the plane.
Leave no ground uncover with it's sorrowful tears.
Flashes of light of rage,
Then comes growling sound of despair.
For the next few minutes I stand under the shades
Looking through the sky and ponder
My feeling somehow merge with the weather
Making me moody and souless.


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Wei Khean said...

You have no idea how much i miss the rain. I love rainy days. And in Bahrain, there aren't too many of those... so, try to enjoy the rain... he sound, the smell, the feel of rain... I miss that...

Ken said...

hahhaa...poor fellow...come back don stay in the dessert...

Ken said...

hahhaa...poor fellow...come back don stay in the dessert...

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