Irritating People In The Cinema

Recently, I have been to movies and met some irritating people in a few different incident. Serious there are all sort of irritation people that makes your temperature just shoot up to the roof top. I think should teach these people a lesson or two and tell them how irritating they are. Just let me list down a top 10 irritating people that you can find the cinema.

List of irritating people in the cinema:-
  1. people who try to explain the movie to others (please do the explaining AFTER the movie.)
  2. people who ask too much questions (if you have no idea what the movie about please do some research before entering the cinema.)
  3. people who likes to talk to themselves and create story line (hello!! if you know what is going to happen next, keep it to yourself or probably direct your own movie.)
  4. people who bring monkeys to the cinema (please bring a civilise child to the cinema, monkey belongs to jungle not the cinema.)
  5. people who likes go shake their legs and disturb the person in front (Please, I know you use to "goyang kaki" in the office please go back to the office and do it.)
  6. people with smelly feet (OMG, if you have problem with it please keep those feet back in those container [shoe] before the person in front die of holding breath)
  7. people who don't understand "off/silent your mobile phone" (if simple instruction also don't understand, why watch movie? I doubt he/she would understand the movie either.)
  8. people who likes to walk in and out off the seat (if you have bladder problem, please select a seat that is next to the aisle.)
  9. people who plays with the mobile phone/PDA (you're here to watch movie and not your mobile phone/PDA, the lights from it is so irritating!)
  10. people who talks more then 2 mins on the phone (if you have important things to attend please don't go watch movie? I won't want to know what is happening on his/her side. That just don't intereste me.)
These are the top 10 list I could think of, but I'm sure there are more which I have not met, please to let me know and probably can do a survey about it. Sometimes I just wonder what is wrong with these people? The best part is, they don't seem to see it that they are disturbing others and give you that kind of stare. OMG what is wrong with these people!!!



-Lek Wei- said...

1 more irritating case. someone sit on the wrong place, but still don't want to move up and return back the seat to people, unless the show is not much people to watch.

Wei Khean said...

i think this post many of us can really relate to... Top on my list are: no. 7,5, & 4

if I may, i would like to add one more to the list. That is people who sit in the middle of the row, but come in late and trying to squeeze by in front of you and distubring everybody!!

Ken said...

hahaha...I guess the list will go on and on by the looks of from lekwei n wei khean...hahaha

these people ought to be shot!!! hahaha

Lanny said...

yes... somebody... do something... !!!

Ken said...

seriously I think these people should sit @ home and just watch DVD...LOL...

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