Prevention Is Better Than Cure!!!

Few days back I remember reading an article in The Star newspaper with a big title says "WHO: Malaysians still take flu lightly" and as I read on and find that it is just silly what our Health Ministry is doing and it has got nothing to do with what WHO is commenting and concern about our current situation. This is the particular sentences that makes me wonder did he actually answer WHO's question?

Sunday, August 30, 2009 (full article please click here)
Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the report, drafted by three health officials from WHO and which he received on Thurday, showed that many Malaysians did not take the disease seriously.
The report said Malaysians had a poor understanding and knowledge about how A(H1N1) spreads.
However, Liow noted that Malaysia had an efficient surveillance system to quickly detect those who suffered from the flu.
According to the report, Malaysia's efficient and sensitive surveillance system was able to accurately record the number of deaths in the country.Blog Widget by LinkWithin

To my understanding, WHO is concern that we are not properly being educated on how A(H1N1) spreads and should take more actions in creating awareness to the public and really hit them hard about it as Malaysians are taking lightly about the current situation as we are facing with highest death toll in percentage compared to other asian countries.
And he was commenting that we have efficent and sensitive surveillance system to detact accurate death toll!!! What we need is to stop the death toll, not how accurate people are dying here. We know the rate is getting higher and proper actions need to be taken and not tell the how world how accurate our death toll. It is nothing to be proud of where people is dying, you should be proud off when A(H1N1) is stopped and controlled. I may not be a politician to me, the concern is how to stop the death toll and controlled the disease. What do you think?



Emila Yusof said...

Great article!

Hi Ken! I've visited your shop but couldn't browse the products. Did you changed the permalink settings? If you did, you need to copy the script in the permalink page at the bottom and paste it in notepad. Save it as .htaccess and upload to the wp-content folder.

Ken said...

i did not change anything. I don't even dare to upgrade it i scare all the info gone.

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