Retail Stories: High Price!!!

I have been working in a retail shop for more than a month now and I have seen so may different kind of people in terms of character. Some really are good and some are really pain in the ass. Some are just ridiculous.
Just wonder, do you actually go a retail store and ask for discount like you do at pasar malam(night market)? Some of the items in the shop already are best buy items and yet the customer wants more discount. Sorry to say but a lot of Middle Eastern people come into our shop and ask for ridiculous discounts, more then 50% and others just insist on having discount. They are really persistant, they can leave the shop and few minutes later come back and ask for the same thing and at most they do it like two to three times. I just wonder, do you actually to places like Jaya Jusco, Parkson or Metrojaya and ask for discount? NO, right? It is the same, we have a shop in a shopping mall, we are not having a stall by the road at pasar malam(night market)?!?!?! I just wonder why these people don't understand the concept, have their mind shrunk even smaller to comprehent the idea of not giving discount like night market?
Some customers come into the shop and start staying, "Wow, the things here are expensive. I can even get it in Thailand or Vietnam." Yet again, I guess their tiny mind never thought of all the freight charges the owner have to go through, the rental of the shop every month have to folk up and do you actually purposely travelled to the country and just get that one item? How often do you travelled overseas? When you think of it, it is totally worth every penny you are paying for. But I guess people don't think that way. There is no such thing as enjoying things from overseas and not paying for the price.
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yoon see said...

Very true...sad yeah people don't understand.

Ken said...

yup. what to do...i guess they just need to be a bit more open minded :)

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