Retail Stories: Datuk!?!?!?

Working in a retail shop you get to meet all kinds of people; rich and famous, rich but not so famous, famous but not that rich anyhow you put it. And after awhile you can really tell who are serious buyers, who are not and you call tell whether they are well educated or they are not, but I'm sure some educated ones act like hooligans too.
Just recently I got a shock of my life, when I found out the customer I was serving is Datuk, (surname better not mention la, after loose face). He came into the shop like any other shoppers looking around and were interested in the triangle cushions we are selling. The normal price of the triangle cushion was RM199 and now, we are selling at RM149 so it is consider a big mark down.
Man (Datuk): How much is the triangle cushion?
Me: It is RM149, use to sell at RM199.
Man (Datuk): If I get a lot do I get discount?
Me: Sorry sir, no discount already very cheap.
(Just across my lady boss were serving a customer at the counter)
Man (Datuk): Are you the boss or she is the boss?
Me: Whether I'm the boss or she's the boss, it's still the same no discount.
Man (Datuk): Then how about free gift?
Me: NO.
The man was not that happy but still getting one of the triangle cushion. He walks to the cashier to pay and I went to get a trolley for him to take the cushion. When I went back the shop my lady boss were talking to him so I stand at the entrance with my colleague and chat, or should I say bitch about this 'man'. As we were bitching, I heard my lady boss conversation with this man and he is a Datuk for some big organisation. Deep in my heart was like "What!!! A Datuk asking discount over best buy and ask for free gifts?"
From this, I can seriously conclude that he is a typical "cina pek" Datuk. We have so many Datuks coming in to shop and never ask for discount and buy like nobody's business and obviously those are well educated. There is such big difference between a well educated Datuk and the not so, especially the "cina pek" Datuks. I am just disguised by the way the present themselves as Datuk, can you imagine you go Robinson and shop and ask for discount and free gifts?
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豪少 said...

I once met a Datuk from a big organisation too (wonder the same person or not :P)acting superrrr cocky! Really feel like give a hard slap on his face! Arghhh!

Ken said...

But there are really come good ones..not so cocky and some being idiotic instead of cocky. LOL

Marvic said...

i get to know some way before they got the title and yet they are still down to earth kind of person...thus i salute them ..hehehe

Ken said...

yes...i totally salute those but some are just typical cina pek which i seriously can't take it. you are filthy rich and yet ask for all these things..unbelievable....

Spiffy said...

There are some Datuks that really should be smacked silly la Ken. Really cheapskate people expecting others to kowtow to them just cos they got title.

Ken said...

Spiff, seriously when I heard he's a datuk I was like WTF, mind my language, he really makes Chinese Datuk loose face only...

Emila Yusof said...

lol, datuk got so much money oso want to ask for discount and free gifts... i know a better place for the datuk to shop: Petaling Street!! Here can get discount!! 50% oso can get!

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