Stray Cats

Just few days back one of my stray kittens got knock buy a car and went hiding, we manage to find the kitten and she was hurt, and surprisingly no bleeding but poor kitten the back portion all crushed and can't move (sob sob). Yes she is still very fierce as she never let us touched her before.
It happen quite late at night and we couldn't find any vet. My friend was around and fetch us searching for a vet and the hope is low, couldn't find any. The poor kitten were in pain and meowing all the way has already shitted in the box that we place her in. Unfortunately she can't last till the next day for us to bring her to the vet.
Though these are stray cats, we feed them and somehow we have feelings for it. Going to post some of the pictures of the kittens and mama cat that lingers around my house. Remember I post about PR, he's still around but no longer stay here but will definitely drop by for breakfast and dinner. These kittens are now very much alive. I do hope they can live very long till they are adults and really know how to take care of themselves.



Emila Yusof said...

Oh poor kitten!! Sob! Sob! RIP little kitten!

Ken said...

yes...we were kind of sad too :'(

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