Back 2 Basic

Since everything is moving forward but did it ever occurred in you mind that at time you rather go back to basic. Back in those childhood lives, where everything are much simpler and carefree. I don’t know about you, but I was born in a small town and I may not live there but I always go back to my small town during the holiday seasons.

Spending most of my life in this concrete jungle does make one gets tired because you try to achieve as many things as possible in a day’s time. By the end of the day you will just wonder what have you been doing lately, what have been achieved? At times nothing has been done even so many things you thought you did. How contradicting but it’s true. After so many years of working you just wonder, why am I doing here? Where do I want to go from here? Have I worked enough for people?

One thing for sure is when I get old I’ll definitely find a relaxing place to stay, some place that is serene, peaceful and carefree life just like the olden days back in my childhood life. So what would you like to do when you’re old?

(photo courtesy of dylan)



weikhean said...

yup... i have thought about wanting a simple life. But the truth is, can we fore go what we have in the city and live a simple life? In the city, we have all the convenience like all the government offices, better hospitals, hypermarket to buy cheaper products, international airport for easy travel, etc.

Perhaps while we are young, we should work hard, save some $$ and then move to a small town with less stress and healthier lifestyle.

Ken said...

I definitely would like to move to some place more peaceful with a few close friend will to, if not i might be so stress free I all into coma. Still need some excitement in life. What do you think? lol

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