Gambling Your Life Away

Saw the an article in the newspaper about a man actually gambled until he has to give his life away because he lost his gamble to some football match that he has place his bets on. Before this, he also has his father paid of his debt over one million due to gambling as well. After such incident he wouldn’t even change his habits. Is gambling have such obsessive power over oneself?

I wouldn’t deny that I gamble, I use to gamble almost every weekend with my friends, and accustom to gambling during Chinese New Year. I don’t know whether it’s in the Chinese blood or it’s just human greed to gamble for more money. Do you gamble for money or for the fun of getting along with your friends to catch up with each others life and bitch about others.

Besides that I wouldn’t gamble on something that I’ve no control over it. Gambling over a football match I think it’s totally silly in a sense that you’re totally putting for faith those players which you don’t know them personally. In other games like Mahjong or blackjack at least there is still some control over how you want to play your game.

The choice is always in your hands, you can always choose to stop when you think you’re losing, no point gamble until you gamble your life away. That’s totally not worth it, God gave you a life to live and not waste it on some silly game you have no control over it.



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