Every Clouds Has a Silver Lining

Just wanted to tell a friend this, because he seems stress over all the commotions for the pass few weeks in a so call competition that he has entered. I may not know exactly how he feels but the taste of failure is always bitter and nobody would like to taste under any circumstances. I may not know what level are the rest of the contestants that makes you loose your confidence in yourself. But one thing for sure I can tell you are that I have faith in.

In any competitions there is bound to be a winner and of course the loser. But no worries, there is no loser in any competition, just that they’re not as good but not that they’re bad. If they’re bad, they would have not been selected in the first place. Everybody is unique, everybody has their own target audience. Some like Rhythm & Blues, some like Heavy Metal we can decided for people what they like. Or both have the style of singing but have different voice and the outcome is different. Always bear in mind that, we can’t please everybody. You’ve done your part and you know you put all your best that is all that matters. No regrets in the path you have taken, turning back won’t help just move forward. One door closes other doors open to more opportunities. Look at the brighter side.

You and I, both have read the book call ‘The Secret’, why let these little things bother you where you can do greater things. Believe you have been selected and feeling damn happy about it. That’s what you should be thinking and put your ‘Secrets’ to practice. It sounds easier to be said and done, but if you never try, you will never know. “Belum cuba, belum tahu; Sudah cuba, tiap tiap hari mahu”

Gambateh!!!!! I believe and have faith in you!!!



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