Mud Cookies

I came across this article back in February and I find it very interesting and sad as well. It’s called ‘Eating Dirt’ and it’s literally eating dirt. These people are so poor in Haiti that making cookies out of dirt to sell for a living. Besides that people would buy it because they’re poor and these mud cookies are more affordable than a normal meal.

This is actually an eye opening article for me as it’s really the first time for me to know that, there are actually people who eat this mud as main course to fill their stomach. The reason for being so it’s because again the petroleum price is so high people can’t afford to buy most of the food and resolve to eat these mud cookies. I hope that in near the future we don’t have to be like these Tahitian who have to resolve into eating mud cookies.

But given a change I would actually try and see how it tastes like. In actual fact the taste will linger in your tongue for hours, base on what I’ve read but seems like it’s not a good review about it. So, would you actually go and try if given a chance to do so? When the economy plunges, people will find ways to survive even eating dirt. And I do not wish this is going to happen to our beautiful country.



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