Insanity or Harsh Reality

Recently there is this insane man lingering around the neighborhood, talking to himself. Have you ever thought where exactly these people come from? They come and go without a trace. Surrounding these people are very interesting stories, and you’ll never know which one is the answer and you tend to mix and match the stories and become a story of your own.

I’ve always wonder what is going on in their mind? What triggers them to become what they are now? Are they really insane or they’re just hiding themselves from the harsh reality of this world. Been hurt by loved ones? Been cheated by close friend? Been betrayed by family? Nobody just go insane without a reason, everybody do things for a reason. Whether the reasons are in good intention or bad but still there is a reason.

If one could be in such state of insanity, I think it is very serious damage that has been done upon oneself. And I do believe everybody has a level of insanity in them and what could actually trigger it? Nobody knows, accept for God and yourself.



weikhean said...

yup. these people just appear from nowhere. They normally stick around for a few days, then disappear. I was curious about them too. But of course I dare not go near and talk to them. It is very sad. Perhaps their family don't even know that they are missing.

Ken said...

You will never know, probably is the family that causes him/her to be like that. You get most hurt when it's someone close to you that betrays you.

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