Identity Lost; Future Found

As the nation move towards the future, we lose our identity, our culture and our traditions. And that will be written as history encrypted into our memories that will decay away as our body decays as well. What is happening to the old buildings that we use too lived in, that we use to have breakfast with out family?

I still miss the old ways of living, but man has to move forward. The toys we use to play are no longer in productions, even the toys industries have moved forward as well. But what I miss the most is actually the building that we use to see and lived in, our culture and traditions are all been shield in these buildings. Remember running through the hall ways, falling down from the stairways, dining in the kitchen with family members, all these are now history. It does put a smile on my face as I dig up these memories that have been stored somewhere in my archive.

I really wish all these old buildings to be restored, for commercial use or as museum to remind us of our roots. There are still a number of old buildings and mansions around town. There is one that I saw near Zouk, a huge place but abandon and buried in the concrete jungle, what a waste. I do hope in the near future someone will actually restore the building and be proud of it as it’s going to be the diamond in the rough.

But how are we going to cohesive both that we won’t lose our identity and yet moving forward. Is it necessary to for go either one, in order to achieve the other? I’m pretty sure is not necessary and there is definitely a way, it is a matter of time.



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