Moving Forward

Just as I thought, how far we have moved forward in technologies and something came along that makes me ponder we have not moved so far comparing to other countries. Just recently my friend came back from China with a bag full of stuff that he brought back from China and there is one particular thing that really interests me was a stack of CDs which I thought it’s some Chinese drama series he bought. But to my surprise it’s actually magazines!

It seems like China has already move so far till their magazines are in CDs form. You can flip through the pages just like the normal magazine but just clicking it. Why don’t I see it in Malaysia? Other countries also have online magazines and you can save and store them as well. It actually helps save the environment, save the trees. CD is cheap and by having the whole magazine of few hundred pages in one CD it does save a lot of cost and margin would be higher. Why haven’t any local magazines are doing it? With CDs it’s easier for us to keep and saves space as well and moving towards paperless environment.

Besides the magazine, I find that online shopping for music like iTunes, Malaysia is also not listed as well. I would like to buy those online songs but it’s only for overseas like the Unites USA and Europe countries but what about Malaysia? We still need to buy the CD and ripped the songs from it and then transfer to our iPod. That is so troublesome.

I thought we have move far in technologies but I guess we are not comparing to other countries. Hopefully in time will change all these for a better future.



weikhean said...

magazine in CD form, such a cool idea! But i have doubt about using CD is environmental friendly. I think at least we can recycle papers, but can we can't recycle unwanted CDs... can we?

Oh, and with iTune, i think if you have iPod, i think u can download music from their website. At least that's what my cousin told me before.

Ken said...

Regarding recycle CDs that I'm not too sure about it but will definately find out. For magazines, at times I just wonder whether they recycle the papers back to use or still keep on cutting down trees to produce them. We have no idea too.

So it's quite ironic in a sense that using CD as magazine to save tree but we don't know whether CD is non biodegradable or not.

I have iPod but we can't download songs cause M'sia is not listed in the buying list! I think it's about time they do something about it.

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