Psychopathic Mind

This is a topic that hardly people would talk about but I find it interesting. Have you ever come across stories about psychopathic killers besides the famous “Silence of the Lamb” & “Red Dragon”? I always wonder what exactly in these people thinking when they actually commit these crimes? If you ever search on these topics in the internet, probably you might just find a few in famous psychopathic serial killers.

Just let me briefly talk about these infamous psychopath. Albert Fish born in 1870, devout Christian, married in 1898 and a father of six children. When the wife eloped in 1917, Fish’s perversions boiled to the surface and he began indulging in coprophilia, inserting alcohol soaked cotton wool balls into his anus and lighting them and getting his children to beat him bloody with a nail studded paddle while inserting needles into his genitals and I think I’m going to spare you the other details.

In respond to a article in 1928, he called himself as Frank Howard and convinces the Budds family to take the 12 year old Gracie to a local children’s party, and that was the lat time they saw of her. Six years later, in 1934, the family received a letter which read, in part:

“I took Gracie to an empty house in the country, I grabbed her and she said she would tell her mamma. First I stripped her naked. How she did kick, bite and scratch. I choked her to death, and then cut her into small pieces so I could take my mean to my rooms, cook it and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me nine days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her, though I could have. She died a virgin”

The letter was traced to Fish and police caught him. Fish was delighted to die in the chair, describing it as the “ultimate experience in pain”

This is just one story that I’m telling and there are many more of this kind of sick stories you could find in the internet and magazines. Sometimes you just wonder what is going on in these people mind. Or actually all of us are psychopath in some ways but it’s just being suppress deep inside us and locked away until someday, someone comes along to unlock it. Which I don't think anyone wants that to happen.



Yumi said...


so disturbed..sadistically mentally ill..

geli la.

this post sooo random..

Ken said...

I came across this article in a magazine and I find it interesting as in how a human brains can be so twisted and sicked. Can check out a few more like Jeffrey Dahmer and of course there are a lot more.

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