Man Pregnant?!?!?!?

Is that too absurd, that a man could get pregnant like what you see in the movie called “Junior” back in 1994. I’m sure during then everybody was talking about and amaze by the thought of man getting pregnant. I just came across this article and was fascinated by it and find out more about it. There are people who tells me it is old story that this was few years back. But all i can dug up was this just less than a year old news.

March 2008, in US, a man called Thomas Beatie is 5 months pregnant. How could that be? A man pregnant? With the cutting edge technologies anything is possible, cloning is already possible. Why can’t man be pregnant? But after much searching for information about this man called Thomas Beatie, he was once a woman. He went under the knives and became a man but he did not remove the reproduction organs. His wife Nancy couldn’t bear any child so the responsibility would be given to him. After investigating their options, the couple decided Thomas would be the one to carry their child. In October 2007, they used an anonymous donor sperm to conceive their first baby, a little girl.

So I guess the technology is still not up to date yet, where a real man could be pregnant yet as you think he could.
What would the society thinks, if man could get pregnant? Do people against it or supporting it?



Verna said...

i still think its against heaven's nature for men to get pregnant instead of a women. when GOD create adam & eve they both have other own duties to do in this Earth. Althought many women who have given birth always complain about men not understanding what they have to endure during the 9mths of pregnancy, i dun think any of them or me would like to see men getting pregnant instead of us. I say, jus leave the giving birth duty to us women and let the men bring home the bacon...haha.
This case of this guy getting pregnant is jus 1 in a million, cos he used to be a women...;)

Ken said...

I do agree with you on that. But bringing the bacon think the woman can too :) later I do have another post continuation of this because jimmie was arguing with me that man getting pregnant is old stuff. Few years back so I do some research and back myself up. Release date Monday.

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