After so many years living on the beautiful planet called Earth, would categories three major type of people:-

Someone who sits there and hope nothing will happen.
Someone who sits there and hope something will happen.
Someone who makes things happen.

So, which category are you in? Or you are in another elite group out of these three that I could think of? Please do share with me, I would like to know. I guess we need these type of people around to make the world goes round. If everyone falls in the same category, I guess there wouldn’t be much things happening in the world then. And of course all these happening things, some are for the good course and some are bad. The world is so big, we can’t control everything, and the only thing we can control is none other than ourselves.

So, back to the question, which category do you fall into or it is little here and there? Depending situations as well, but one you’re in that category most likely you’ll be like that, as it is already in you to be like tat. Unless you make the change yourself, if not you’ll be in the same category for the rest of your life.



weikhean said...

Let me think... I think I sometimes sit there and wait for things to happen, but sometimes make things happen. It all depends on how desperate I want that thing to happen. So, how about yourself?

Ken said...

I think i'm those people who make things happen most of the time. I'm just too impatient to wait for things to happen. As you can the way i drive and you'll know. :)

weikhean said...

yeah, i guess so... at least 99% of the time u are trying to make things happen. :) For me, sometimes I think that when something belong to you, it will come to you eventually. If it's not yours, even if you have it, you will loose it somehow. I guess my point is why try so hard? haha :D

Ken said...

I agree with you but if you don't try you will never know. If i tried and I still don't have it then I know I've to let go.

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