See, Hear, and Speak no Evil

This is definitely a good way to stay neutral when you’re in a hostile situation. Besides that, it is also good practice when you are totally new to an environment that you are not familiar with. So that you wouldn’t get yourself into trouble by talking too much, always think before you talk and act. Study the whole situation first, if not, you might just get yourself in trouble.

But once when you are there for a long time, like work place, these things are unavoidable. No matter what happens, news spread like virus. Before you can contain it, it is already out and seems like everybody knows about it. Unless you are totally see, hear and speak no evil. Then you are in a shell of your own. At times I do think it is a good thing. One thing for sure, good news never leaves home, bad news travel miles. That is for sure.

It is natural when you see and hear so much, you will tend to say it out. Whenever there is input, there must be output, it’s the law. We can’t change the fact. So in order not to see, hear and speak no evil, stay away from these people but how long can you stay away? People will say you are anti-social. So it’s a choice we will have to make, to join or not to join as part of them. But it’s natural we will join, my only advise those who keep his lips are wise.



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