Just recently my friend came back from China and related the story to me and it really makes me feel sad. What he saw was that, who ever and when ever someone couldn’t finish their food and once they throw it into the rubbish bin, there will be some elderly people going to the trash bin to recover the food and eat them. Besides this, few years back when my friend had a mission trip to India, again he was relating to me how these people were living their lives practically at the dump site in some small alleys. Children were playing among the rubbish and sitting on the rain water and playing after the rain.

I see people begging for money in some parts of Kuala Lumpur as well. Even at the place I use to work. I guess people who work around that area would actually know this elderly woman who begs for money as a living and the best part is that she wouldn’t settle anything that is less than RM1. If you were to give her 50 cents she would actually give it back to you gracefully. My aunty would always buy her lunch if she asks my aunty for money. I think it is a good way too to buy her lunch and not giving her the money.

It seems like she’s begging the money to be given to her son who beats the hell out of her if she couldn’t get enough money for the day. The son would actually take the money and goes to his favorite leisure place, Genting Highlands. That is so sad to have a son that beats the mom and ask her to beg for money, what has the world gone into. Even sometimes you see people begging for money, you will be thinking whether to give or not? What do they do with the money? Will they take the money to buy alcohol? Or drugs? Nobody knows. That time I wonder whether we actually help him/her or actually we have ruined their lives. Or they rather leave this what they think is a ugly world ASAP. But who are we to take ones life, right?



weikhean said...

Yeah, whenever I see pictures of poor people from less developed countries, I am grateful for what I have.

In the case of the old woman who begs for her son, it is very sad. It is sad that she is actually threatened by her son to beg. If we give her money, it will go to waste. Perhaps everyone should stop giving her money so that her son will realized that this trick doesn't work anymore. Perhaps, someone should bring her to some charitable old folks home so that she wont be abused by her so-called son. I think there is solution for any problem. Killing oneself is not the way to go...

Ken said...

There are times when, if she begs not enough, he would actually bash her up and you can see all the bruises all over her face and swollen. Sometimes there are things that is just out of our control. :(

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