Seeing is Believing

Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, do you believe these famous creatures really do exist without seeing them yourself? Does any normal human being need to see first in order to believe? Some do and some don’t I guess, just like the religious people. They have not seen their gods, they don’t know their gods personally except for the teaching. And yet they believe the gods they prayed too unconditionally. They believe without seeing, it’s all purely by faith.

So, how about you? Do you need to see first in order to believe? Sometimes what we see on TV may not be true. Just like any detergent that advertised on TV or print ads, it claims to remove all types of stain and you went and buy it. But in the end it is not what they claims to be. Den some you see in the shopping malls, they even do a live demonstration of their products just to convince the customers. Because it’s human nature to see then only believe.

But yet there are things that you see yet you still doubt yourself whether to believe or not because the things you see are too out of the ordinary world. Just like what David Blaine & David Copperfield did, it is way out of what a normal human being can do, after seeing you still doubting yourself whether to believe or not. Whether it’s real or just illusion? That I leave it up to individual to believe it or not.



weikhean said...

Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, I don't believe they exist.

Religion is what we chose to believe when we need spiritual support.

Consumer products, don't believe, but curious when buy it for the first time. If what the commercials say is not true, I won't buy it the next time.

David Blaine and Copperfield, they are illusionists. They profession is to create illusion to entertain us. So, I don't believe them. It's all illusion. :)

Ken said...

So, should i say, don't believe in everything you see either. Just believe in yourself :)

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