Reality Bites

Reality does bite and it’s so painful that one might not endure the pain. Just recently I’ve so many friends got bitten by reality. And they got affected by phantasmagoria thinking that the relationship still can be saved. Just put yourself in their shoes, when you already have another target, would you actually go back to your lover? You will tend to slowly moving out from his/her life and moving towards your new target and yet still keeping the old lover. Once everything is settled and secured. “Bye bye bye” that’s what he/she is going to tell you. The least he/she can do is by saying “We still can be friends” with a lovely smile on their angel like face as you see it.

O! Come on, snap out of it! Once it’s over, it’s over never thought of turning back. Time and tide wait for no man, the time doesn’t move backwards but only forward. The world maybe a beautiful place, but not such a perfect picture after all. When one is high and mighty up on the throne, the harsh reality of life slowly slipping into their body and running through the veins. That is also depending on individual. You can always read them on the newspaper, that when one is famous, they’ll end their relationship with their lover. For whatever reasons it is, we don’t know as we’re just a normal human being without any status to our name.

So, girls and guys, if you’re dump by some celebrity or someone famous. Just forget about it and moved on. He/She can be so cold hearted and playing the game, why should you be the lab rat being tested and dissect for experiment and in the end the rubbish bin you go. The world can be a beautiful picture depending on how you see it. Take the right prescription and stop the pain that cause by harsh reality. Always remember once you have been cured, your body will have better immune system don’t let it break you down to pieces.



weikhean said...

It might be easy for us, the outsiders, to say it. But I guess when one is in love, emotions and feelings will take over and make decision for him/her. I guess it takes time to heal a wound.

(By the way, you have inside story of celebrity breakup? Can share the gossip? hahaha)

Ken said...

Yeah i know it's always easier to be said then done, but what I meant was to forget about it asap is the best. And about celebrities break up, i don't have any info.

Just issues faces by most up and rising celebrities and quoted by the gossip magazine, when one is getting famous, pride sips in and throw away the lover and find someone with the same level of status or higher or rich for that matter.

weikhean said...

yeah... it amazes me how quickly can celebrities change their boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses! Makes me wonder do they understand the meaning of real love.

Yumi said...

I will learn from that..some are just easy to say to move on after a long period of time..but still hanging on..some just move on soo fast.they can change partners like underwear.

Time tells..

Ken said...

I guess the Mat Sallehs celebrities are like that only or perhaps we hardly hear the local celebs on the newspaper stand. But snapping out of it ASAP is the best if you're the one being dump cause dwelling in such a situation won't help you go anyway but hurting yourself and the people who cares about you.

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