Angel of Death

I wonder whether it is the age that has been catching up and so is the Angel of Death. I once been told by my ex-colleague who is very senior to me that as she aged the fear of death is grow too. Now come to think of it, I quite agree with her.

When we were young, death seems so far away and we do things that without consequences, without second thought. As we aged so is our body parts and it’s slowly won’t function as they use to be unless we do something about it before it is too late. Death is part and parcel of our life, life and death never part and seems like nobody would actually like to talk about death. I had my share of near death experience. Got knock by a speeding when I was crossing the road and flew eight shop houses away and unconscious. When I woke up, I was in the clinic where the doctor is attending to my wounds. With God’s grace I’m still alive with no broken bones only bruises and open wound to my skin.

Though I’ve gone through such experience, whenever I felt like I’m going blackout the though of angel of death is near. Am I just going to leave this body and move on to the next world? The fear does slowly sip into my mind. I guess as we grew older the fear of death is getting stronger each passing days. Even so, people around you start moving on to the next life, friends and family and you will never know when the angel of death is at your door step knocking on you door and tell you, your time is up.



weikhean said...

Hmm... never thot that 'death' will ever sip into your mind ... i said that due to the way your drive. Unless u have changed your driving style... haha

Anyway, about death... i guess we just have to live life to the fullest. Fear of death won't get us anywhere. We have to do things when we are still alive. Sadly, I just lost an uncle 3 days ago due to cancer. Very sad. So, I was totally surprised when I saw your post about 'death'... what a right timing!!

Ken said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Not that I'm fear of it just when I was about to black out, the fear comes and the thought of angel of death is around.

Bout my driving still the same and worst when I'm angry or frustrated. But I guess it's not as bad as it use to be, i hope :)

ZeonZone said...

i honesty fear death... But i dont wanna get old either...

so die at the end of prime age ie before being and old troublesome vegetable and useless to others... thats a better time to die i guess.

Ken said...

Zeon you can't preserved your beauty forever, people will age no matter what unless you want to be like Cher who look the same like last time till now. Make sure you save enough and go under the knives and needles. Death is a matter of time, nobody knows. ;)

travelbug said...

In my case it's not so much about the fear of death (i.e. the unknown or the "other side" but the process of dying - the suffering that most go through before their last breath. To me, the best way to die would be in my sleep (tho' I hope that I will not be found with drool-stained cheek or pillow!) Hehehehehehheh!

Ken said...

Of course a peaceful death is everyone most wanted list but not everyone has such pleasure to die in their sleep. As I was fainting the fear and the suffering is really dreadful.

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