Stolen Chance

Reality shows are on the rise and everyone wants to be a part of it. Some people in are for the recording contract, some people in are for the cash price, some people in are for a chance to be signed to a modeling agency and all the reasons you can think off.

Sometimes I really hate the fact that they join the competition for the reality for the wrong reasons. Especially for the modeling reality show, they join in hopes of becoming a top model through all the challenges. There are thousands of people out there who crave to be model and sometimes these people, breathe, eat and sleep of modeling. So these people go and enroll themselves for this reality show hoping to be a top model and lucky just not on their side. Somehow the person who doesn’t take modeling seriously got into the competition. After all he/she managed to reach the top three spot. By the end of the show people would actually recognized them and some would actually get some modeling contract with some major modeling agency. Bu then this person who’s not so keen in modeling is just in there to prove to people that he/she can do it and doesn’t want to be in modeling line.

Here is where the question comes, what you think of this people who is in there just to prove to people he/she can do it and wasted someone who live and breath modeling chances to be a model? Are they being selfish and stolen people chance to be a model, or singer in whatever reality show for that matter. At times I just pity those who lost their chance into fame.



weikhean said...

i agreed with what you said. But friend, life isn't fair. Someone are really into modeling doesn't mean that he/she will get what he/she wants. Same goes to singing reality shows. So, if luck is not on your side, u just got to work harder to get what you want or where u want to be. Other then reality shows, I am sure there are other ways to get into big modeling agency or singing contract deal. Right?

Ken said...

Yeah, but getting notice by big companies are not easy. With reality shows, it's good exposure and if you win you definitely get the contract so it's really better that way and even if you don't win agencies will noticed you and probably signed you in, even if you don't win.

ZeonZone said...

herm... i think its really all about fate and luck... i mean... look at M bukan nama sebenar who won the singing competition...

I raised my case.

ps- to win and not deserving it but take advantage of it is another... to win and not deserving it but not doing anything to gain anything from that... now that person need a reality bitch slap... A.S.A.P.

Ken said...

Mmm...I wonder who is that 'M' who need a bitch slap. LOL!!!

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