Dining With Style

Yesterday was with a friend, Verna from Singapore and we are supposed to meet other friends for dinner at 7pm. And we're early to our destination, Nui Ze Xui at Ara Damansara. It is fairly a new place and not all the shops are open and we are strolling along the streets and came across this shop called FULLHOUSE. It’s very neatly decorated in English style and a Mini with colorful stripes was parked right in front of the shop. It’s a lifestyle and café concept store, you can shop and dine at the same time.

We took a few pictures and we move along to other places as we still haven’t got our confirmation on where we are our dinner. As we walked slightly further and we got a text stating that the dinner would be at FULLHOUSE. Verna and I were happy to see the text and we straight away when in the concept store to find ourselves a nice place to sit for dinner. As we were sitting at the balcony, we were greeted with friendly waiter. As we were past with the menu, we were already attracted with the cover of the menu and as we opened it, it’s something out of the ordinary that we come across the normal and traditional kind of menu.

The price were reasonable for a place light that and I was kind of full as I had a late lunch so I ordered a club sandwich as dinner. The food presentation was nicely done as well. As I took a bite on my sandwich it’s not that bad at all. So I guess it was not just nice food presentation but the foods are good too. Besides going there for dinner and I think it is a great place to hand out with your friends to chat and online as well, as it has wi-fi like any other café as well.

Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe Sdn. Bhd.
C-G-11 Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/41B, Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7885 0836 Fax: 03 7885 0839



Emila Yusof said...

Wow! cool place!

Ken said...

Yeah...Totally love it. But somehow the waiter are not really good in English or any other dialect so it's a bit hard on the ordering side. Besides that the portion are good for female customers. So I'm pretty sure you get the idea :)

Emila if I ever open a cafe, might just need your help on the illustration side :) That would be a dream come true to have a cafe.

travelbug said...

Wah...so cantik la the place. Bila you nak BELANJA I kat sana? Wkakakkakakkak!

Ken said...

BELANJA boleh...you bayar. Thank U!! I'll bring you there ok!

travelbug said...

Ish kawan aku ni...BAIKKKKK betul!

Ken said...

Thank you!!! I'll take it as compliment.

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