"Big Bang" Theory

This has nothing to do with the “Big Bang Theory” on prehistoric stuff. It’s about this Korean Hip Hop, R&B group that I was impressed while watching MTV. I went searching more info about this group and it seems like they are quite big in Korea besides the famous TFXQ. This group consists of G. Dragon, Tae Yang, T.O.P, Dae Sung & Seung Ri.

How this group were form, is more like a reality show, an eleven episodes documentary on how the group trained before the debut on August 19, 2006. On the ninth episode actually two members were to be eliminated, but Seung Ri manage to perform the song “Haru Haru” and manage to impressed YG and he stayed. Where as SO-1 has to go because he was too shy on stage, so the remaining five are called Big Bang.

Members Profile
Stage Name: G-Dragon
Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong
Birth date: August 18, 1988
Education Background: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Debut: DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001
Position: Composer/Leader/Lyricist/Rapper/Vocalist

Tae Yang
Stage Name: Tae Yang, SoL
Former Stage Name: YB Taekwon
Real Name: Dong Yeong Bae
Birth date: May 18, 1988
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album 2002
Position: Choreographer/Vocalist

Stage Name: T.O.P
Former Stage Name: Tempo
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun
Birth date: November 4, 1987
Education Background: Seoul Art College (Majoring in Musical)
Position: Beat Boxer/Composer/Rapper

Dae Sung
Stage Name: Dae Sung; D-Lite
Real Name: Kang Dae Sung
Birth date: April 26, 1989
Education Background: KyeongIn High School
Position: Vocalist

Seung Ri
Stage Name: Seung Ri; V.I
Former Stage Name: V & Victory
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun
Birth date: December 12, 1990

Position: Choreographer/Vocalist

Check out their music video "How Gee" and enjoy!!!



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