Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

孙楠&韩红 - 美丽的神话

I was having dinner with a friend of mine and it is those café where there will be people singing live and unplugged. Overall it is a nice environment it’s just that the music where a little too loud. Usually this kind of café is operated by Chinese and the singers would actually be singing in either Mandarin or Cantonese, but to our surprise it is English all the way. My friend and I were totally delighted to hear it as we hardly come across café singers that sing in English songs.

That is not the point, but what we realize the two female singers are really good but somehow they are just average looking people. And I find it quite unfortunate that the world see things through packaging first and not the content. That is why, goods with nice packaging sells better, be it the content is of good qualities or not. It is obvious that everyone is attracted to beautiful things, and who is not? So I would definitely say it’s totally unfair that how people are being judge and not knowing the real person deep inside.

In China there is a singer call Han Hong, she has gone through some hardship getting signed to a recording company just simply because she is not attractive and the recording company thinks that it won’t sell. First, I would think she is a talented singer. Second, I think a good recording company can sell anything. Finally she found a recording company and thanks to the recording company we get to listen to her beautiful voice.

At times we just need to take time to realize something good in everyone we know and not by just judging his/her past.



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