Inconvenient Truth

I’m not Al Gore and I’m not talking about an inconvenient truth the crisis of global warming. But will definitely touch on that topic soon enough. What I’m going to talk about it’s about our career path. Since now I’m lecturing, I’ve students that are so naïve and came to me and ask how much I was getting paid as an Interior Designer?

That was in fact a very good question to ask, but not when you are already studying in interior designer. I would say it is a little bit too late as you are already one foot in the water. You should be asking the question much earlier before you actually enter any colleges. First of all ask yourself, when you come out to work is for the money or for the interest of your job? Please differentiate it well, once you can answer this question, the rest is as easy as ABC, 123 or even Do Re Mi.

Just an answer that most of my interior designer friends and I agree on. In this interior design field, it is nothing like the corporate world you see on TV or newspaper. There is no corporate leader to climb. It’s a very simple structure organization, junior, senior and the boss, that is all. In either level, be it you are the junior or the senior you will get the shits from your boss. Salary wise is not that attractive as well comparing to other professions. Fresh graduate interior designer gets about RM1000 to RM1200 if you are lucky. Fresh graduate accountant gets about RM1800 to RM2000 or even more. Interior designers get their pay raised very slowly comparing to other profession as well. No matter how big the project you handle, you still get the same pay, no extra no commission. And bonus depends on how good you can actually lick your boss ass, it is totally not professional compare to other profession.

If you are those who are willing to die for art, then art is your bowl of rice. If not, find a job that pays and once you get the money, then only get in touched with your artistic side. If you are in for the money, you’re not in the right profession unless you are the boss. Or totally not know what your friends are getting paid for in other profession. If you not you will get heartache and eventually fall into depression. If might be that serious! Sorry people for the inconvenient truth, but that are the harsh reality of this so called “professional” job we are in.



Yumi said...

OMG..thank you for the truth...haha
no matter what..we're in the line..unless we go do something else..but i dont think wat we do now is a an extra knowledge if we go diff line..


Ken said...

Just preparing you people with some facts of working in the Interior line, it's never a bed of roses. But a bed of roses' torn. Looks hip and glamour but what's behind the scene you wouldn't want to know, all the hardwork and effort we put in.

Nihcia said...

Waaah... this is insightful... and a little surprising... Thank God I am not in your line... ;)

Btw, a fresh grad accountant now gets about 2200... Oops...

Ken said...

I totally think that the Interior Designers are under paid comparing to other profession and we have to go here and there even site that's like totally dusty and dangerous and yet the pay are lower than any other profession. I'm very upset and if possible work on your own.

Yumi said...

hehe..wat to do..ur title speaks it all..hehe..

if its all passion.i do pity ppl in this line too..haih.. accountant gets more!?!?!?

haihz..unfair is so bloody unfair..we shud get paid more!!!

er...its only this country..or all over the world for an ID's salary?

Ken said...

An accountant is an example only, not to mention the engineers, architects, product engineers and etc.

About other countries, I've no idea as I've not done my research till that far. But I would say it's quite the same to what I see it.

weikhean said...

It's a great wake up call for those who are still studying I.D. Never too late to change your career!

FYI, the sad truth about underpaid occurs in USA too. Just cheap labour! Plus the long working hours we put in: Spend your weekends in the studio when people are having family day, have dinner in the office is a norm since we work so much OT!

Ken said...

Hey WK, thanx for the info. Totally forgotten you have worked in US before and now just settle in Bangkok now. Please do update me on how IDs are being value compare to other profession in Thailand as well.

I guess OT is our middle name and No Life would be our last name. Every employed ID is trying very hard to break from the chain. Unless you're the boss!

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