What do you think of vegetarians? So far I couldn’t only come up with two types of people why they are vegetarian, one is religious purpose and the other is for health purpose. For those health purpose I’m totally fine with them as vegetarian but some how having doubts of those for religious purpose.

As for religious people as why are they vegetarian? They practice no killing to all living creatures. But as the food they eat are practically vegetables and some other food that made from flours. Since they practice no killing to living creatures but somehow the food they prepared resemblance to meat? Then when you have a clear mind of not eating meat but yet the food they eat, they make it into meat like. Where is the moral behind being a vegetarian then?

The only thing that I don’t really understand is the practice of being a vegetarian and yet eating food that resembles meat. If that would be the case, why not they eat meat and think its vegetable. It is the same concepts just reverse it. I do wish to understand more about the moral behind being a vegetarian for religious purpose.



weikhean said...

you have got a good point. Oh, there are also people who become vegetarian due to environmental concern. Cos farmers need land to raise animals. And they cut down trees. Furthermore, we need to feed the animals and use energy during the process of raising them. So if we eat less meat, we are helping to save the earth.

Ken said...

I didn't know about this environmental aspect and left out on this aspect. Seems like you got a point there. But I still don't know what's the practice not eating meat yet the food looks like meat. So far still no one can explain to me that.

blekM0nK3y said...

I totally agreed with you Ken.. Vegetarian shall practice to eat vegetables instead of taking those 'meat' which is made by flour..

But you have to know.. Today's technology, people are looking for variety no matter in food or entertainment and so on..

And because of this issue, manufacturer will eventually came out with this kinda ideas, a flour can replace the 'meat'.. so that can attract comsumer's attention..

Well, for me my personal opinion.. I won't take meat (made by flour) as part of my vegetarian dishes.. Why you wanna lie to yourself??

What do you think?

Ken said...

blekM0nK3y I seriously don't care whether it's meat or meat made from flour. Cause when I'm vegetarian it's not for religious purpose, it's for health.

ZeonZone said...

omg ditto. thats exactly what come across my mind every time i see a vegetarian eating "meat". I think it's just stupid. ;)
plain lame.

travelbug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
travelbug said...

Mmmm...I believe that few who become vegetarians in the name of religion do so due to compassion i.e. to avoid animal slaughter for consumption. However, being humans, there may be the occasional desire to consume meat, hence they turn towards this alternative which you mentioned. Moreover, it adds variety to their daily meals. So, I guess it's not so much about what they eat (or what their food resembles). It's more about the question of - Would you kill another living creature for the purpose of your own survival or worse still, to satisfy your taste-bud. Personally I feel that these vegetarians should be commended for putting their compassion for animals above their own needs and desires coz I still can't give up WHOPPER BURGER! Just my dua sen.

Ken said...

LOL!!! I wouldn't give up on my Whopper Burger or McD too. But I don't see monk eating dishes that resemble meat. I guest people who actually goes for it are not those regular 24/7 vegetarian.

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