I love accessories and I go around looking for nice and affordable ones as well. There is a few that falls into my favorite categories, like Tiffany & Co. and Thomas Sabo. And just recently I found out this brand call NAJO, an Australian base company that sells nice accessories too. Price wise obviously slightly cheaper than the other two I mention earlier.

Besides these accessories I do have others that are like from unknown shops or even roadside stalls as well. As long as they look good it is enough for me. But with a few good collections of accessories are necessary for certain events or parties. That is where you have to flaunt it. Sometimes accessories are necessary to elevate your status a little. Not too much that kills you and make you like a Christmas tree, just a little here and there will do. Anyway I’m not any professional stylist, I’ll leave it to the pro.

My Christmas Wish List



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