Olympic, Beijing 2008

Just a few years back Australia and China were bidding to host the coming Olympic Games and Australia won the bidding and hosted the 2004 Olympic Games and China would have to wait for another 4 more years. And without any delay today would be the first day of the long awaited 2008 Olympic hosted in Beijing, China. By tonight almost the whole world would focus on the Olympic Games which occur every four years for next few weeks to follow on the sport activities.

How it came about? Most of you already know it originated from ancient Greece. The Olympic movement uses many symbols. Most of them representing Coubertin’s ideas and ideals. The Olympic Rings are the most widely used symbol. These five intertwined rings represent the unity of the five inhabited continents. The five colored rings on the white field form the Olympic Flag. The colors, white, red, blue, green, yellow and black, were chosen such that each nation has a t least one of these colors in its national flag.

I have a slight regret that I didn’t plan for this coming Olympic Games in Beijing, China. I guess this is as close it gets for the Olympic Games to the Asia continent. And it is consider the most affordable ones to live your Olympic Games experience since most of them would be in some country that is so far that I couldn’t even afford to buy plane tickets to go there. Miss it now and I wonder when it would come to any Asia continent for the coming Olympic Games.



weikhean said...

Yeah, Beijing Olympics is as close to KL as we can afford. However, I heard that the tickets for Opening and Closing Ceremonies are not easy to get. And the price is outrageous!! But I do hope that one day u can go to Olympics.

and ...errmmm... FYI, 2004 Olympics I believe was held in Athens, not Australia. :)

Ken said...

Is it? I also forgotten which one and at the same time I also thought Australia would next after Beijing. I'm so blur :) I can't remember it's after or before. Anyway thx!!! The opening tickets it's not easy to get and I'm not hoping for the opening but @ least some other sports where I'm there to experience it.

Ken said...

OK, I just found out that London will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, what happen to Australia after they lose the bidding for 2008 Olympic Summer Games?

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