Eat To Change The World

Found one good reason for being a vegetarian, to save our mother earth, nothing to do with religion or getting slimmer but purely to preserve the environment. I guess the main thing is we got to stop eating fast food. That is the hardest part as I love fast food. And those of you who knows me best, knows which fast food chain is my favorite. Why I say starting with fast food? I will just slightly elaborate the situation.

Fast food chain is expending to feed the demand of the market as the population grows.
So with this demand, we need to have more cows to be slaughter to produces beef patty for consumption. Where do we house all the cows? We need to cut down trees to build ranches to house the cows. One more information I’ve is that the cow dropping produces Methane (CH4) gas that is five times worst than Carbon Monoxide (CO2). Just Carbon Monoxide (CO2) itself already enough to destroy the ozone layer can you imagine with Methane (CH4)? To produce beef for consumption, thousand or even millions of cows are needed. Can you imagine how much Methane gas has produced to destroy the ozone layer? This is just the base of the problems, as I’ve not even mention the factory side and transportation to the outlet and supplies to the stalls. All these uses up energy and resources that would easily contribute to the ozone layer depletion.

Besides the ozone layer depletion, when trees were cut down, the production of oxygen are being cut down too and yet the population of human kind keeps increasing. And the air qualities nowadays had dropped compared to last time. With poor air qualities, a lot of sicknesses are bound to happen. I know it sound ridiculous to actually follow exactly what the environmentalist do but it is a step we got to take, a step to save out Mother Earth. The choice is in our hands. We can’t change things with just blink of an eye, it might take months or even years to change one habit, but at least some effort has been made. As the world temperature increases, catastrophes bound to happen. When that happens, everything is too late.



weikhean said...

yeah, we got to act before it's too late. Well, what about we eat chicken and pork instead of beef? :) As of now, i don't think i can be vegetarian yet... can't give up meat.. :(

Ken said...

I'm just taking beef as an example. It's the same for chicken and pork too. I know it is hard to totally stop meat but probably we can cut down so that the demand is less, so will the supply then.

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