Blog Action Day - Poverty

I've been busy for the past few days and haven't got the time to actually surf the internet for interesting sites and catching up on other blogger. Finally I have time and came across this topic "Blog Action Day - Poverty" in Emila's Emila Illustrated Blog and Nessa's Mumblings blog. Seems like I'm two days behind schedule, but who cares it is for a good course and I'm going to blog about it too.

I did a blog called Mud Cookies and it is about how the third would countries people are surviving by selling and eating this mud cookies. Of course there are stories around, how a country is suffering from poverty and by listening first hand from a close friend of mine who came back from mission trip to Mumbai, India. I'm not there to witness it but by just listening to the stories it is as good as being there, and it just bring tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. Suffering most are the children living in the dumpster.

Just a few weeks back, a dinner gathering with my relatives had brought me to this World Vision, Malaysia attention. It actually helps the needy children around these few countries like India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Thailand and Vietnam. With this website, you can actually sponsor as many children as you wish, with a minimum of RM50 a month for a child. I'll be doing my part soon and I hope you too will join me.

But of course there are other countries as well, that if you would like to involve it the visit the World Vision main website.



Emila Yusof said...

great post, ken! thanks for sharing the link!

Ken said...

Welcome, I'm thankful I'm apart of the Blog Action Day to bring awareness to the world :)

Wei Khean said...

Good info... i shall check it out and see what can i do to be part of it. :)

Ken said...

Welcome. I think you should register to this Blog Action Day, when ever there is a topic to blog and can put your talent to blog about it. For instant previous issue was about Poverty.

At least it makes me think about these world issues and do something about it to change for a better future. Though it's a action but "sikit sikit menjadi bukit" :)

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