Liquor Stall - Preliminary Round 1

In my previous post on Liquor Stall, it was actually a fight between design one (1) and three (3). And my personal favorite was actually design one (1), the reason I didn't choose design three (3) to develop was because after meeting the client and get a few more information and requirements that I need to comply and finally choose design one (1).

As you can see I'm trying to create a more clean cut and chic design by using a lot of back painted glass and spray paint. One of the requirement was to be able to see through and not block of the view behind, no direct lighting on the liquor as the heat will spoil it. So I've decided to throw the lights from both sides of the panel by using T3 flourescent to highlight the display liquor without creating so much heat.

As for the ceiling part, I've change it smaller to avoid complication in suspending it without from the ceiling, as it is a double volume common area. It would look nice if all the brackets hanging all the way down from such high ceiling.

Finally submitted the drawings to the client, and it is going to take another few days for them to go through meetings to see whether my design is going to use. As there is another company proposed their design. Keeping my finger cross that I'll get this job.



Emila Yusof said...

wow! that is amazing, ken!!!! it's perfect!! love it! you're so good at this!

Emila Yusof said...

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! don't forget to let me know later, k!

Ken said...

Thank you!

Will definitely keep you posted.

-Lek Wei- said...

em.. ken, don't say me no heart o. =( sometimes i really don't know what comments should give. haha..
bt this one really fabulous. well done! i think u hv infinite inspiration right. remember show to all of us.

Ken said...

No worries, I'll definitely do it.

Wei Khean said...

good job! good luck!

by the way, u mean such a small project also has a few other firms to compete? Clients these days are really know how to take advantage of designers.... :(

Ken said...

There is this particular company that has been doing their design. Just recently they don't quite like their ideas and design and wanted to find some other designers to do it.

I heard from the person who give me this job, that they quite like my idea. If everything is through probably I might post the initial design by other designer :)

yoon see said...

Good luck to you Ken!
Yeah, the sketch & the computer illustration all are so impressive & presentable.
How long you took to finish the digital illustration?

Ken said...

The sketches was quick as it is only sketches. For the 3D I actually commission it to my friend to do it. As I'm old school type, AutoCAD is the maximum I've learned. No time to take up 3D software. It took about 1 day to do that 3D from my friend.

yoon see said...

Same as me, I know a little bit of 3D studio only.
By the way, which college or university you were gradutaed.
May be my friends or ex-colleagues might know you.
ID line is just a small world.
Do you know Simon Ong, Pei San...?

Ken said...

Pei San sounds familiar thought. I graduated from PJCAD in 99

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