Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, I've been cracking my head what to do for my friends this coming Christmas. Last year Christmas gift idea came about two (2) to three (3) weeks before Christmas when I was window shopping at IKEA.

All these while, when I was working as an Interior Designer I get to go around shopping spree with company expenses for beautiful stuff to use as decorations. One of the place would be IKEA and I've been buying these photo frames to use, and find the depth of the frame is quite good to do some decoration in between. So I finally decided to put some ornaments in there and when I saw IKEA selling this tiny lights for Christmas decoration it just enhance my idea to put the lights into the photo frame to create the Christmas feel. Best part was that the lights are battery operated, so I drill a small hole at the back and pull the lights in and decorate it with some ornaments. It was a success.

Now I've already started to think what I should do for the coming Christmas. There are so many ideas running through my head but haven't got something that is solid that I would like to materialise it. Besides that, I was wondering whether to give a mysterious Christmas gift to the one who give the best comment in the post I'm going to create soon, just to attract more people to my blog.



-Lek Wei- said...

Mysterious Christmas for the best comment?! Good idea. Why not give the present to the 1st person who post comment. haha...

Remember Ken, don't forget my Christmas present o.. ^^

Ken said...

LOL. The competition still haven start :p

yoon see said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Ken.
Keep your good work too, I am sure ID line will be greener pasture.

Good idea!
You are so out gifts just like Santa Claus.
May be you can organise a Christmas party for your friends. Those that attend should as least wear a Christmas suit. What do you think Ken? That's more fun & entertaining...

Ken said...

If I'm staying on my own I can have parties all I want. But I'm staying with my parents so I think that a good idea :) I'll definitely do it when I have my own place.

Looking around still couldn't find a place I really like :)

Wei Khean said...

u r creative as always... i'm waiting for your competition!! ;)

Ken said...

It still in consideration for the competition. :)

TH said...

hi Ken, I like going ikea but not always go as far away.

Phirence said...

Wat ever you do for us, we will very happy. However, the only one we really need from you is your own good healthy and good fortune in your life and love....

I'm coming back now and waiting in Bali airport.... I bought something for you... Hehhe....

Nessa said...

Hi Ken!

Yay, Christmas... can't wait to go X'mas shopping! :) Last year I did it at the very last minute and I shopped for 9 continuous hours! I couldn't feel my legs after that!

Ikea is definitely my fav. shopping place. Reasonable prices and they really have great stuff there ya.

Nessa said...

Did I see a Christmas gift for the best comment?? @_@

Hmmm... what to say ah... oooh, I'm pressured! Haha

All the best, I'm sure you'll attract loads of visitors in no time :D

nath said...

phew...finally this ''blogging idiot'' successfully blog a comment...
giving out gifts to attract people to ur blog? zzzzz..... wat a way...but...i'm ON! LOL...anyway,this is malaysia, who hates free gifts?

Ken said...

seems like the contest haven't start and it seems like you all already eye for the mystery gift and I still haven't figure out what to do!!! LOL

TH & Nessa thanx for dropping by. Ikea do have a lot of things that makes my life easier at times :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Ken! I'm here! :)

Happy early Christmas to u lol! So what special Christmas dish will u be cooking this year? ;)

Ken said...

If there is party, why not ;)

TH said...

ikea is very nice...

Ken said...

definitely. I got most of the things there and turn them into something else ;)

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