Time Piece

Time is the essence of everything. Everything involve with time and time will never stop ticking, as there is a famous saying, "Time and tide waits for no man". Here is something related to time and accessories to men and women. As time pass, watches has been a part of our lives day in and day out. Here is a few brands that is known to us and yet it cause a bomb to own one, these watches cause a bomb not without a reason. All have their history in watch making.

A watch on our wrist also tells one status, that is what a friend of mine once told me and I find it quite true. If we were to attend events there are definitely a lot of people we don't know and how to tell whether they are rich? We can't tell what clothing brand he/she is wear or what shoe he/she slips on or even what car he/she drives to the event. So by looking at the watch he/she wears, you can tell his status in society.

Every brand of watch has their characteristic that is distinct to the brand. Some how I'm attracted to these few brands of watches like Frank Muller, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Maurice Lacroix. Rolex may be one of the exclusive watch but I don't like it as the design are far too 'boring' for me. There is this particular brand call TechnoMarine which caught my attention six years ago. I like the watch because it brings both elegant and sporty look into one watch and it blends nicely. You can check it out yourself and if I'm not mistaken there is only one shop in KLCC that sells TechnoMarine.



-Lek Wei- said...

time is everything. no time, no life. =)

Ken said...

I guess life without time everything will be definitely in a mess.

Wei Khean said...

Some people actually collect watches. I wish I have the $$ to collect them too.

Speaking of status... it depends on who actually wear a watch. For example, if I wear a Rolex, u would think that it's from Petaling street even it's real. But if a rich man wear something fake, people wouldn't doubt the authenticity of the watch, right? ;)

nath said...

Well yea, i agree with d ''status observing'' thing to some extend, but some people are concious on that as well n wear watches tat's abouve their status,...u know? its something like those who bought cheap clothes and sew the brands on....something like tat.....

Ken said...

Wei Khean: I do agree with you about we wearing the real ones and the rich people wearing the fake ones.. Who can tell since nowadays the fake look so real...

Nath: Congrats!!! You finally made it here :)

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