To Tell or Not To Tell?

Have you ever been caught in a situation that one of your friends have bad breath or body odor and you don't know how to convey the message to him/her. I'm sure we have been in a situation where we are sardine packed into a public transport and the person stands beside you have body odor. To be frank I'm a little sarcastic that I would actually show in some gesture that he/she stinks.

But when it comes to your friends, at times I really don't know how to put it into words that it does not hurt his/her feelings. If I'm really close to that friend then it is a different case but if it is someone that you meet.

I do have a bad experience when I first came out to work for a lady boss as an Interior Designer in my mid twenties and my lady boss in her late thirties. We worked in a small office with just partitions between us the employee (only 3 of us) since working in such a small environment, the airs we breath in are practically limited in that air conditioned room.

Whenever my lady boss comes in, we turn our heads to each other and without a word we know where the unpleasant smell comes from. That was not that bad in a sense that she hardly comes in the office, but we discover something shocking when we gathered at the whiteboard for a brief meeting. As she was drawing on the whiteboard and raised her arm, we saw hair!!! Our jaw almost dropped to the floor when we saw that.

And there was once where all four of us needed to go out for a site visit and how unlucky I was to sit behind her. As the car moved forward the smells move backwards. I almost died holding my breath and in the end I could not take it, I opened the window for a breather. Finally all of us left the company to join other companies. I wonder how she is doing now. In a situation like tat how are you going to tell her? She's your boss and she's a lady.



Wei Khean said...

it's a tough situation... i guess u can give someone with body odor a deodorant as a gift... hope that he/she gets the point. I also have a cousin that has extremely strong body odor, yet we don't know how to tell him to stay away!

but for bad breath, it's easier. All u need to do is to offer the person a gum or mint. Hopefully he/she understand your gesture. :)

Nessa said...

Countless times la Ken. Especially with immigrants (no offense to immigrants ya). The B.O. is so pungent, I could pengsan!! @_@

Most I could do is hold my breath la... I mean I can't just go up to them and tell them their armpits stink kan... hehe

Happy Wednesday!

bonoriau said...

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Ken said...

wei khean, at times some people just don't realize our gesture and think otherwise.

nessa, for the immigrants better stay away from them whether is BO or not just stay away is the best choice. You'll never know who these people are. LOL Happy Wednesday 2u2 ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

You really had a memorable experience. This is an embarrassed situation when u facing it. If the one is my friends, i will tell them about the body odor. Because they are my friend. If others that i don't know, i think i will choose to hold my breath. xD

Ken said...

LOL. But trust me, sometimes if it is friend you tell them, they can't really accept it. He/she will say how come other people didn't say anything? There are just so many kind of people around ;)

Ken said...

thx Bonoriau.

豪少 said...

Ewwwwww, that's sounds so.....! Anyway, I really can't stand bad breath. A total disaster!

Ken said...

Just forgive them as they don't even know it. Try to tell them and let them do the precaution over it ;)

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