24 Festive Chinese Drum (二十四节令鼓)

It was as early as 630 I left home to pick up a friend from Kelana Jaya LRT station and meet up three more of my students at their rented home. That was not all of it, I've to reach Klang and meet up another five more of my students to go for this Chinese Drum session.

How this came about? One of my students actually asked whether anyone interested in playing the Chinese Drum, and there is Chinese Drum Society in Klang is giving a free session on how to play the Chinese Drum and after the session each one will be presented with a certificate. A few of us are interested and I think it's a good experience too, why not? By the way some Chinese Society and Rakan Muda is the main organiser for this curriculum.

OK, back to the drum session. It is suppose to start by 0830, as usual the Malaysian timing 0900 finally it begins with a warm up. After warming, finally the lesson begins with a short introduction of the crew member and the drum. The drump is made from buffalo skin and every part of the drum produce different kind of sound, from the dried stretch outer skin, to the pinned area, to the outer drum and finally the center of the drum. All gives out different sound effect.

We learned a few different types of drum beat, unfortunately the instructor speaks mandarin and some of the words I don't quite get it. All I remember was the beat and of course every different beat has a name to it. It is really interesting how one simple drum like that could produce infinity beats. The lesson ends with a big at about 1230, because the final performance is by our sensei (master), the three young boys. They are probably in their early teens, very talented.

After all the practice, lunch is serve. It is about time because I think my stomach is making more noise then the drum. As we did not take our breakfast because it was too early for us to take our breakfast. It was just a simple McD set for lunch, but when you are hungry, anything goes. As you can below are a bunch of my students from different semester and one of my friend, Lek Wei another blogger. (I wonder what is he going to blog about this experience)

Since we are in Klang, one thing is on our mind, Bak Kut Teh! Since it is famous in Klang why not make a trip to the restaurant for a Bak Kut Teh. But it was really nothing to shout about, the only thing that was nice is the dried Bak Kut Teh, others were just "so so" only. We already got what we wanted, it is time to go home. I'm sure everyone were so tired after the morning session of four (4) hours of Chinese Drum session.

It was really a great experience for me to share it amoung my friend and students. You guys are the best!!! Hugs & Kisses for all of you!



gary said...

It was a tiring but fun session. Until now i still can "hear" de drum beats from my ears. When everyone hit the 24 drums at the same time, it produced different effects & echo. Besides that, it is a very gud way to release stress too where u can hit the drum in watever way u want.

yoon see said...

Your students and you were spoiled by a very interesting outing!!!
Bak Kut Teh is delicious right!?

Ken said...

LOL!!! I wouldn't called it spoiled :D but I don't know other word to replace it. To be frank, I've tasted better Bak Kut Teh in other parts of Klang, not where I had lunch there :D

Ken said...

Yeah Gary, now that you mentioned, it's really a good way to release stress and yet enjoying it :D

Anny said...

early morning shot is very peaceful! i wanna play the drums tooooooooo... me stress stress...gendang gendung gendang gendung

Anny said...

one of the better Bak Kut teh's in Klang is in Berkeley.. they use the big big bone... very nice.. and very sweaty hot place to eat..

Ken said...

LOL! why stress? Anyway I wouldn't go back to that place for Bak Kut Teh. I'm not too good with Klang road but I know opposite of Bukit Raja Jusco there do have a lot of nice Bak Kut Teh.

catherine said...

ya..there really have a few place got nice bak kut teh..but the place that i know how to go is..ya..the place i brought u all there..^^

Ken said...

No worries Cat ;) just that next time we won't go there anymore. The only place I know also just opposite Bkt Raja, Jusco.

Ken said...

Btw, the food is not important, most important is we had fun ;)

Wei Khean said...

Wow!! I have always wanted to learn it! I love drums! I used to play drum in marching band... well, that was ages ago! If I was in KL, i sure will go with you. The best part that it's free!! If i am not wrong, this 24 Festive Chinese Drum originated from M'sia, isn't it?

Ken said...

Yes you are right, it's from Johor. I think my fren Lek Wei will be blogging on the "24 Festive Chinese Drum" and he called it the "24 Season Chinese Drum"...sounds good to me too.

Can't wait for it to be posted so i know more about our "Made in Malaysia" 24 Festive Chinese Drum style.

Ah TeCk said...

Ken, the name for the drum is "24-Festive Drum"...i am teck chuan~~

Ken said...

LOL, what's wrong with the "chinese" word there...cause some of the Mat Salleh don't know what kind of drum ma.

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