Raining Cats and Dogs

It has been raining cats and dogs recently, and for the past few days I heard kitten keep meowing away. I was searching for it and trying to find out where it came from, I was keep looking on the ground and to my surprise the kitten were in my neighbor's awning. First attempt to get it down failed. As the awning stretches quite far apart, as I were to stand at one end the kitten will run to the other end. After that I had things to do and left and settle my things but I've not stop thinking how to get the kitten down from the awning.

Finally, the only way to get the kitten down is to push it down as it is impossible to catch it, since I thought cats have nine (9) lives. But of course I would have a basket below it to catch the kitten with a net basket. After my first attempt it was raining cats and dogs, the poor kitten were all wet on top of the awning and no where to hide. First thing in the morning I look the ladder to my neighbor's house and set it in the middle of the awning and start trapping the kitten to either end and finally push it of the edge while my dad will wait with the basket to catch the kitten. Yay! It was a success and the cat flee the scene in split seconds.

This is one of the stray cats that always come to my house when meal is served. This is my favorite as he always follow me and always around the back alley. We call him Grey as his fur is grey in color. We don't really name the cats as they always come and go and there are too many to be named. We just give nick like, Black & White, Big Eyes, Ms Noisy, Blackie & Sick. Name them by their characteristic. My parents are so free to buy fishes and fried for them to eat, where I just feed them cat biskuit, fast and clean.

My dog, Jojo. Cute but ferocious, always warn my friend not to touch him even though he looks cute and small. He has been with us for about 10 years, getting fat, old and clumsy but yet still so ferocious but whenever raining especially when there is lighting, he will run for his live to hide. No matter how to call he will just hide there and not move a single muscle in his body. And somehow my dog has this little cat character in him, he likes to rub his body against your legs just like the cat. I wonder why?

Yay! Additional members to my brother's family, Simba & Lola, both Cocker Spaniel. They were here since last week and I did not have time to pay them a visit as I was busy with my work besides that I only visit them when my brother and wife are not around. By the way, my brother just live upstairs from my parents house.

Both are still very young (4 months old) and very playful, always left alone when my brother and wife goes to work and that is the time I'll pay them a visit and play with them for awhile.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Yay!! congratz to Ken for saving the kitty. :)

Very very kind hearted you are. :D

Awwed by your Good deed. :D

lol, I love saving kitty myself, even the cat I now own was once save from me and my brother. :)

Yay! Save them, save them when we can. Bravo Ken! :D


Ken said...

LOL!. I'm just doing my part that is all. :D besides that I wouldn't want a kitty dead on the awning too cruel.

Willy's Diary said...

the doggies are awsome.. present me one ^_^

Ken said...

If it's mine, it's ok ;) but they belong to my brother. :)

Anny said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh! Ken the heroooooooo! Hero Hero Heroooo... :) U are right to save the kitten... cos if it mati up there.. the smell wud be bad.. think the kitty too small to jump down... UR such a kind hearted person.

and Lola and Simba so cute le... lemme post on capture Thursday can?

yoon see said...

You are indeed doing a good deed. Congrats to a kind Hero!
Cat, dogs...so amny of them in & outside your house.
You can open a petshop then ken...

Ken said...

Anny: Sure why not? Kind hearted I'm not sure but I'm sure any with a clear mind would do the same.

Yoon See: Me, a Hero? LOL just doing the society a favor ;) Owning a pet shop I think it's never easy but there might be a possibility :)

nath said...

cocker spaniel! cool, one of my fav breed...wat attracts me of this breed is the ergo of their paws(they tend to be bigger)....hehe....

Ken said...

um....i would prefer a jack russel instead.

Wei Khean said...

Cool! U always do good deed and perhaps that's why you escape some serious injury in accident! I believe in Karma ;)

I love all dogs! Cockers are adorable :D

Ken said...

I choose jack russell it's because it's easier to manage in terms of the fur and small size. They are adorable too :P

Nessa said...

Awww.. those Cocker Spaniels are adorable. I'd love to own one but I'm scared they'll bark like mad and the neighbors will complain :(

Ken said...

I think they are ok. They don't really simply bark at people.

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