Rest In Peace Ivy Lee (黎礎寧)

Friday, November 2008: 黎礎寧 a.k.a Ivy Lee second runner up for One Million Star Season 3 has committed suicide. The reason for doing so? LOVE. It is really a waste that Ivy has chose to end her life in such manner. During the whole One Million Star Season 3 she was one of the participant that I loved besides the winner and 1st runner up.

It seems like her album will be launch next year, but I guess she won't be able to see how well her album did.

Why do LOVE has such powerful influence in everyone of us. LOVE causes all kinds of emotions and actions that we take, be it consciously or unconsciously. LOVE can just over take every part of our body and do crazy things, and seems like LOVE has a brain by itself.

Love gives,
Love takes.
Love is everything,
That always leave us to think.

I'm going to leave you with one of her best performance in One Million Star, singing Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself.



Willy's Diary said...

Too bad that she's gone... Love is cruel...

I love your poem...

Emila Yusof said...

So sorry to hear about Ivy. I didn't watch the show. Her voice was really great.

RIP Ivy Lee.

Ken said...

Willy: Thx! and Thx for dropping by. I'll definitely miss her voice.

Emila: I guess that was her best and happiest performance. Won't get to see that again :(

Mariuca said...

OMG! Seriosu Ken? That's such a shame but let's hope her soul will rest in peace now.

Ken said...

Yes, and it's all because of one word LOVE. ~sigh~

yoon see said...

So sorry to hear this.
Great talent but use in a wrong way.

Ken said...

agree with you, but not everybody can weather such hardship. Each and everyone of us are different. If you manage to recover from it, it's good but if you can't, it doesn't mean it's bad either.

Just that everyone of us has a different perception to everything we do and see :D

Keith KJ Leong (K3!tH KJ L3OnG) said...

what a waste..

she must have blinded herself..

rest in peace..

Ken said...

LOVE is a powerful thing, we'll never know.

-Lek Wei- said...

cant hear the such nice voice from her anymore.

Ken said...

If it is true that her album is releasing next year, probably can buy her album :)

Wonderful Life said...

What a waste... she's so pretty and talented!

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