Crate For Your Pet

As usual, surf the net for ideas and information and I came across this uniquely wonderful crate for your pet. To all animal lovers you can visit this site call GO!PETDESIGN. There are a list of products that they sell from crates to beds to toys and other accessories. There is not much choice in each categories though but I think the products are in good enough for your pet. There is even a column that help you to train your dog to use the crate, I find it quite useful.

This crate comes in five different colours, black, white, silver, bronze and gold. So far this is the only crate on sale and hopefully in near future there will be more products to be introduce. So that all the animal lovers could enjoy it as much as their pets.

There is one more thing I like about the website, is the main page with a cute puppy keep staring at the crate that he wanted so much. Check it out yourself!

this cute puppy actually moves



Nessa said...

Looks more like a cage ya but pretty unique :)

Ken said...

LOL! Yeah it's a high end cage for pets.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Look like tudung saji la Ken ... hehehe ...

Ken said...

Oh yeah...Come to think of it. But it looks like bird cage to me when I 1st saw the design. LOL

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