Vitas vs Crowd Lu

As I mention earlier in my post on Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲] is the Taiwanese version Vitas. I wonder how many of you have heard of Vitas, and who is Vitas? Just a brief introduction of Vitas

Vitas was born Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov on February 19, 1981 in Latvia. He first appeared in Russia in December 2000 with his hit Opera #2, which was notable for use of Vitas' surprisingly high-pitched and energetic countertenor voice.

Somehow his type of music don't really appeal to me, not that it is bad just not my cup of tea I guess. Somehow it just release certain aura that I don't feel easy with when listening to his songs, that is just my personal opinion.

There is the MV of Vitas singing Opera 2 and of course the imitator Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲] singing his version of Opera 2. Hope their singing did not shattered any glasses when you are watching their MV.




yoon see said...

Here an award for you Ken!

Ken said...

Why an award for me? I'm a better singer then both of them LOL ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

i prefer the taiwan vitas than the real vitas..

Ken said...

me too...LOL :D

jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!
2009 Fireworks show

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