The Sound of Music

Music has always been in and around our lives, whether we are happy or sad we still listen to music to keep us company. Finally I've started to sort out my thousands over mp3s into folders by artiste and albums. I use to have them jumble up in one folder but as my mp3s grow, I need to sort them out if not I could not locate specific mp3 I wanted. All the small images you see are the album covers for my mp3s and these are only just half of them only, I could not imagine if I were to put all of them up.

Music seems to be in everyone lives, I listen to them when I'm alone doing my work or even when I'm driving from one place to another. Music makes me happy and at times music makes me cry hard when something happens. Music does bring back certain memories from the past be it good or bad.

The only memorable memory I had related to music was the movie The Sound of Music. I love that movie so much that I would not get bored watching it a few times. One fine day when I was about 11 years old, as I was crossing the road to go and rent my favorite movie The Sound of Music, I got hit by a car and ended up flying 8 shop-houses away. With God's grace I'm still alive with only few scratches at my knees, toe and eye brow. When for x-ray, no bones were broken and no fracture too. Up till now, I still love watching The Sound of Music.



Yumi said...

omg...u kena hit and thrown so far away..and got scratches..u r damn damn lucky and blessed.
i love dat movie too..i also keep watchin it. i missed them..lolx..

-Lek Wei- said...

wow.. i like the combination of thousands of album cover. about the movie, i didnt see b4. u hv keep the movie?

Ken said...

yumi: Can you imagine the cast of the movie are now grand parents...LOL

lek wei: Thx, unfortunately I don't have the movie. Am searching for it.

Yumi said...

ya..omg..i saw their reunion photo...soooooooo old and not reconizable...

Ken said...

yeah I have that email the way...welcome back to my long did not leave comments :)

yoon see said...

You also met an accident like me!!!
You were so lucky, nothing much happened to you.
God is certainly at work:)
The sound of music is a great show.
My students too request to play the songs in this movie.....

Ken said...

I think most music lover would actually love this movie. It's really a classic musical movie of all times.

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Ken! The Sound of Music is the only musical movie that I like!

Ken said...

Totally agree with you Emila, musical nowadays come nothing close to it.

Wei Khean said...

The Sound of Music is the best musical ever, period. Almost everyone know a song or 2 from the movie.

By the way, it's easy to find Sound of Music DVD... what do u mean by 'still searching for it?'... u mean online or pasar malam pirated version? haha

Ken said...

OMG! you read my mind LOL :D

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