Meal Time!

Lunch or dinner time is the most wonderful time yet most troublesome time. This questions always pop up "Where are we having lunch/dinner?" or "What do you want to have for lunch/dinner?" it practically appears every single time when we are about to have our lunch or dinner.

Why is it so hard to choose a place for lunch/dinner? There are so many things we can have for lunch/dinner and are we spoiled by choices we can make? I have to think 1 hour earlier before the actual time for lunch/dinner, if not by the time we gather and ask "Where to eat?". There are few answers to that questions when it is asked, 1. any where also can la, 2. the driver makes the decision, 3. I don't know, 4. will follow the majority. This is just a few answers that are usually answered to the question asked.

But even after answering the questioned, not everyone agreed to the destination. It is just a meal, and it makes everyone of us think so hard, I just wonder why?



anny said...

what are you eating today? hehe

Ken said...

arh!!! Don't ask me!!! I'm confused...


I guess I'm not eating, on a diet...LOL no need to think so much.

yoon see said...

Different opinions for sure, everyone do have their egolah….

You ago on diet, you look normal je...why diet somemore?!

Ken said...

No worries, I'm just going on a healthy diet. I wouldn't stop eating. Remember if I get to hungry I'll get migraine...LOL

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