World Aids Day

(It is World Aids Day today, I haven't got time to actually sit down to search more info about the World Aids Day. But there are major brands actually promotes, doing their part in helping in this World Aids Day, brands like (Apple), (American Express), (Converse), (Dell), (Emporio Armani), (GAP), (Hallmark), (Starbucks) and (Windows).)

(I was wearing the red ribbon since Sunday. As some of you knows that I'm working freelance for a week, starting Friday in Sg. Wang. As I was walking to work, since I park my car quite far in order to get cheap parking. There are a bunch of teenage approach everyone for donations and handing out these red ribbons. So happen that day I was wearing this big turquoise love tee and it really goes very well with the red ribbon. Proud to wear it and parading it around the Sg. Wang area since it's the weekend.)

(Wish I had more time to prepare for this post as I was busy working on my freelance work, trying to get it done ASAP.)



anny said...

still a very good effort :) as long as it create a viral effect.. to create more awareness :) i like ur heart tee!

yoon see said...

Good intention, spread the love thru this creative means!
You look great in this special made T-shirt.
How did you make it? So special…. Did you make it yourself?
Any others than blue?

Ken said...

Thank you, I bought this tee in Thailand. It comes in few colors for the heart and the base colors comes in 2 colors black and white.

Anonymous said...

good to see someone doin this around here!

ur blog is cool, it's like a news channel for general knowledge~ keep it up~

Ken said...

Thank you Too San ;) glad that someone appreciate what I'm doing here :)

yoon see said...

Then, I would consider to revisit Thailand.
Which part of Thailand you went Ken?
Must be a great trip?
So many places I want to go!

Ken said...

I bought it at Chatuchak, hope i got the spelling right :)

I was in Bangkok and supposedly going to Phuket next week but I guess I'll skip & waste my plane tickets. Because Thailand is in a chaotic situation now.

yoon see said...

I see, too bad!

Ken said...

It is ok. nothing is more important than my life :)

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