What A Start!

It is really a great start for 2009, even thought there is a little hick ups in the noon, as I have clash two appointments together. It was actually a slight miscommunication between my mom and I of the time of the party at my cousin's place. To me party always starts at night so I assume it was night time and make a lunch date with my friend. There is suppose to be gifts exchange but I did not go but my gift where there and manage to exchange something very cute and useful (soft toy & wrisk rest).

The other gift I got was Best Blog 2008 from Yoon See, what a great way to start 2009. I'm glad to have shared this wonderful award with all the other great and wonderful bloggers. Never thought these few months of hard work are fruitful and brings me this Best Blog 2008.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Conratz Ken! For being nominated as the best blog in 2008! and those gift looks really cute! Must had brought a wide smile on your face..lol!

All the best!!

Ken said...

Thank you. And I'm glad to share it with you too and all the others who got nominated.

It definitely brought me a big smile just like the soft toy :D

yoon see said...

Yeah, these special coolgifts are just so cute. I am sure guy also will love them.
So Ken, you must be a luck parson. The gifts also not cheap. LOL.
It's pleasure! You really deserve it.
Thanks, I will continue to drop by your blog.
It's so inspiring!!!
Kepp it up Ken:)

Ken said...

Thank you, Yoon See. I just found out it from one of my cousin and I also think the gift is not cheap too.

BTW thank you for dropping by :D

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

That soft toys comes with a horscopes simbol...I got one too! A design reflecting a Tauras..i am not too sure what yours are..hmm, did your friend tell you?

jordan shoes said...

Very good!

Ken said...

Cindy: I really did not know about it, but i do know there is a booklet that comes with it. I better take a look then :D thx for the info.

Ken said...

Jordon shoe: Thank you!

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