How to Paint Glass

Finally I manage to get this How To Do Glass Painting up in my blog. I hope my instructions are clear. It may seems easy but trust me it is not that easy after all, unless you have a steady hand when you are drawing your design. As that is the hardest part in glass painting, especially drawing on a surface curve.

1. Spirit
2. Glass painting
3. Glass container
4. Out liner
5. Brush
6. Cotton bud

Before you start, just pour some spirit into the glass container to dip your brush. The spirit will prevent the glass paint to harden. So wash your brush with the spirit every time after use. Besides that wipe the surface you wish to paint with spirit to remove all the dust and oil.

Use the out liner to draw on glass, any design you desire. Imagine that is just a pencil in you hand, draw as you wish.

In order to erase of what ever you don't like, dip the cotton bud into the spirit and wipe off the unnecessary lines.

Once your design is done and let the out liner to dry in about few minutes, right after that you can start putting on the paint.

As you can see, this is just a few finish products that I have done as Christmas presents for my friends.



Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Yeeeeha!!!! What a great way to start my NY chopping away here ha ha!

Mariuca said...

May this New Year bring you more love, joy and success. HAPPY 2009!

Wishing on a Falling Star
Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

Mariuca said...

That is so cool Ken, I know I can never paint glass as neatly as you! Awesome, love the green one the best! :):):)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

This is so cool! Good Work Ken! I agree that without steady hands it will be kinda difficult to paint on curve surface..hmm I think porcelain paint work the same way as glass painting too..So I understand the hard work you have been through! The result you produce is so satisfying! Beautiful! Handwork are always the best! Keep up the god skill Ken! :D


yoon see said...

Yeah, what a fruitful reap you got Ken!!!!!!!!
Good effort, quality production, practical & creative approach, and plus some hard work is a must for these king of projects.
Glad that you have the decent persisitence on these pursue and make stunning yet magical end result here.
I salute you.
I have tried this once at an Art Demo. I have fall in love with this beautiful whimsical colour toning.
Cool Cool n cool!
I will be trying this method soon. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
Your instruction is simple and clear. And plus some humour too:)

TH said...

good post on step by step doing it..

Ken said...

Marzie: Wa! Every where you chop chop chop....Thx for dropping by :D

Happy New Year to you too

Ken said...

Cindy: Yeah I think it's about the same with painting porcelain. BTW I'll be sending your gift coming monday as I was busy.

Ken said...

Yoon See: Thanks for the compliments and I have tried many times in order to do what I'm doing now. Color testing, pattern designing all tried many times and finally just something simple will and straight to the point is the best :D

Ken said...

TH: You're most welcome and I hope it helps and the information is enough to get you started :D

TH said...

sure looks easy to do.. haha.. still need to try out only. oh where you buy the item?

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

LOL,it's alright Ken, take your time :):) Yea, something simple and nice is always the best design :) Looking forward to see more of your artistic work! :D

runescape power leveling said...

cool blog

Ken said...

TH: I'm sure most of the art shop do sell all these item.

Ken said...

Cindy: Will definitely post them when I do paint more :D

Ken said...

RPL: Thank you!

yoon see said...

Normally, we always need to trial n error first on new project.
Then, you get to know the best method to use.
Thanks KEN!

Ken said...

Most welcome Yoon See. Besides that, determination is one of the important recipe too :D

Ciyou said...

Looks cool....I'm sure your friend will love it.

Ken said...

I do hope they like it :D

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诈金花 said...

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yoon see said...

Ken, I did this too but trial only on transparency:)

intelligence said...

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kelp2486 said...


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