I Have Nothing

Few hours of joy,
that comes with few years of pain.

I had something,
but now I lost everything.

I lost my dearest friend and my car
all because of others mistake.

No matter how hard I cried,
things just don't go back the way it is.

Nothing is all I have,
just a distance memory keep in my heart.

For your information, just to make myself clear it has nothing to do with having good time drinking and had an accident all gone.  It has something to do with Really Bad News post earlier on.  I guess everything is over.



-Lek Wei- said...

hey. u must stand strong and face the problem instead of cry. cry cant help u anything. if u need my help, i will do my best for u. no worry.

anny said...

You forget...
You have two eyes to see
You have two hands to work
You have two legs to take you everywhere
You have a mouth to talk and eat
You have two ears to listen to good music
You forget to be thankful that you are alive and in a much better position than a whole lot of people.

So wake up and make things happen for the better. You want things to be better, you have to make it happen.

Ken said...

Thank you anny for these comforting words. I'm trying very hard to see things on the brighter side as there are more things that happen in between that I have not written down.

No matter well all my body parts work, but the core, my heart is broken. It takes time to heal. The core is spoiled the rest just couldn't function well.

Give me time. I'll be alright.

Thank you!!!

Ken said...

Thank you Lek Wei too. Thanks for being with me when I needed someone to company.

yoon see said...

Yeah, times heal.
Hope you understand that only God wouldn't forsake you ken:)

Ken said...

yoon see I know the bible well. I even have a concordance I served the church ministry before.

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