I was so surprise to receiced this letter weeks after my tele-conversation with the people from college.  But I guess it is too late for everything that they got me into like I mention on my earlier post on Two Face and Really Bad News.
First highlighted are just contradicting on what they are doing, "prepare students for a successfull career and [responsible leadership]".  How can they teach [responsible leadership] when they themselves are not?  I just wonder?
Knowing that, I only teach their college and inform me just a few days before the semester start, which they can inform me much much earlier like in January so I can get started in searching for job.  With the market so bad nowadays getting a job is not that easy.
Second highlight, when they needed lecturer urgently even a diploma holder like me are OK but when they don't need you, I'm not qualified.  How nice to hear that?
Last highlight, just to move way for others, simple as that. 
I've learned my lesson and hope that all of you all too, be more aware just like what they say "阿婆走得快,一定有古怪" (when a granny run fast, definitely something is wrong)  Anyway that is histrory in my life and a mark of a new beginning, a new chapter to be woven on my life's tapestry.



Emila Yusof said...

Such an appropriate letter; they make it sounds that you are not professional enough to share their values. They should've put it the other way or another reason (economic downturn is one) or apologise for the delay in informing you about your status.

Ken said...

It is ok. They have their rights to do and say whatever they want. I'm just one of their ball to kick around :)

mr.G said...

hahaha... which 阿婆(old woman/bitch) r u refering to?

Nihcia said...

Hey... When things are at its lowest there is no other way than to go upwards.. I have faith in you... :)

Ken said...

Thank you nihcia :) trying my best to survive nowadays :)

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