The Feeling....

I wonder did you ever have such feeling that before you sleep, all you have is the dreadful feeling that you have to go to work in a place you dislike.  When you wake up in the morning, you drag yourself off the bed to work.  I do have such feeling on some of the company I have work with but not as early as this one.  Only three days four days of work, I am already feeling that way.
What may contribute to this feelings of mine?  Most importantly I guess it is because of the work environment, the "monster" do contribute to it and that would be the main factor.  And of course there are other factors as well, such as going to work is also partial contribution.  I have to wake up as early as 6:30am to prepare myself to work, leave home by 7:00am and a 15 minutes walk to the LRT station.  Once I am there I need to queue to go up the train and worst is to push myself into the sardin pack train.  If not, I might miss my van at KL Sentral to my work place in Damansara Heights.  Even at times going up the van also have to rush in if not will have to wait for next van which will never know how long the next van will be arriving soon.  This goes the same when I leave work, vice versa.
Even at time when I wanted to borrow my friend's car to work, the company says there is not enough parking so they don't encourage me to drive to work.  I am counting my days that how long I am going to last in this company.  At times I wish I could last because I do like the jobs they bring in, very interesting.  But all these factors just spoil my work to work.
Once you have the dreadful feeling to work it is hard to turn it around and now I am keeping my finger crossed and counting my days....



yoon see said...

Glad that you found a job already Ken:)

Ken said...

yoon see: thank you but I don't know how long this is going to last.


jobless susah, got job also susah...

find some wisdom to support yourself c how far u can go lo...ok?

what u think?

yoon see said...

Ken, we all don't know what happen in the future.
Just take one step at a time OK!
Do you have to stay back for OT? Hope you wouldn't have too much stress out in midst of business:)

Ken said...

動: I don't think I can last long there. I already have the feeling of not going to work on Monday :(

yoon see: I don't have to stay back for OT but the monster obviously wants me too. Always have meeting when people are about to go home.

Monster have no friends no life too. expect us to be like him.

Anny said...

hmm... how to deal with monsters? i would hang in there.. and see how long i can last.. a job is better than none at this of economic uncertainty. But.. work on the e-shop as well.. so u have something to fall back on.. hang in there.. sometimes.. monsters are just insecure creatures of their own... so they try and give ppl a hard time to hide their insecurities.. i wud however take this as a challenge ;)

Ken said...

The monster have actually make a lot of ppl left the company. and I'm going to be one of them...I don't want to face someone like that daily. it is really stressful and tiring...i rather have a good health den to let him make me suffer like that.

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