Doing The Right Things Ended Up Wrong

Just recently as I was driving and the usual thing I would listen to the chinese radio for that particular hour.  Somehow the topic was quite interesting, it was talking about "have you ever did something good but ended up bad".
A woman shared her side of the story and she blame herself for being nice.  This was how the story goes...., as she was driving near a primary school, she stopped at the zibra crossing for a child to pass (since it is zebra crossing, pedestrian have the rights and cars should stop).  As the child crossed the road a motorcycle just speed across and hit the child who crossed the road.  After few years now she still visit the child on and off because now the child is physically challenged now after the accident.  She blamed herself for stopping and let the child cross, if she did not stop the child would not cross and the accident would not happen.
I'm sure there are times we tried so hard to help people but ended up doing the wrong thing.  Sometimes when a begger begs for money, what should we do?  If we give, we're generous but we do not know where the offering goes to?  To buy food or to buy drugs?  But if we don't give, it makes us like some bad guy.  If we give, we might not do the right thing, it is just so hard to deal with it.  But one thing I learned from my aunt was, when a begger begs for money, my aunt would pack some food for the begger instead of giving him/her the money.  She did her deeds in a different ways and yet might just be a good way instead of giving money.  Don't you agree?



TH said...

giving food instead of money good choice! my dad should do that he saw one begging he gives few ringgit :(

TH said...

oh yeah contest at my blog come join

Ken said...

TH: I've learned my lesson too, cost we don't know what he/she do with the money.
OK will definitely drop by ;)

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