Maid from Hell

Everyone was talking about this crazy maid and I am sure there are more of these incidents that happen in our local scene.  Who should we blame about the maid we have in our home?  I do came across some really good maid and of course some irresponsible maid too.

I remember when I was in my teens I have this twins friend whos parents work illegally in the US and left them here with two other brothers (one elder and one younger all still schooling) with a Filipino maid.  She take care of them very well and treat them as her own child.  Never thought that would happen but she really took care of them until all of them migrate to US.
The other incident happen to my friend, both he and his wife needs to work and left his baby son with the maid at home.  She only worked for less than 3 months, when my friend reached home after work to found the maid went missing and left his son alone at home.  How dangerous that could be leaving a baby home alone.
Sometimes I just wonder how do we know we have the right maid?  Looks can be deceiving, they can smile with you all day but do whatever behind your back you will never know.  Like what you see in the video the parents were getting suspious over the bruises on the daugher and set up a hidden camera to capture what is happening at home.  And it was really a shocking video to discover, how come one treat a child that way?  It is life we are talking about, with feelings and emotions.  The maid is totally inhuman.



::. Anton ::. said...

Yea, saw this vid last week. I wuz totally disgusted. Animals treat their kind better.


Mariuca said...

:(:(:( WTF is wrong with the F maid la? So disturbing la to watch this!!! :(:(:( I hope she was jailed! :(:(:(

Ken said...

Anton: you're definitely right about it.

Mariuca: the maid got caught, the parents got suspicious over the child's bruises and set up a hidden camera at home.
thanx for dropping by but not a pretty sight :(

ZeonZone said...

poor child.

i cried.

Ken said...

zeon: if you see closely the kid was trying to go toilet and pee, but the maid stepped on her till she/he pee on the the end of the footage he/she taking off the pants.
stupid maid, totally inhuman

Anny said...

This is so scary... if i ever have a child... i'll be too scared to leave him/her with a maid.

thanks for the info Ken!

Wei Khean said...

what on earth did the innocent child did to deserve this kind of inhuman treatment?! The maid should be jailed!!!! It's shocking how a human can do that to a child!! Unbelievable!!

Ken said...

I don't know whether you notice at the end of the video, she/he pull the pants down. the maid step on him/her and she/he pee on the pants... that is so sick...
the maid ought to be shot!

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